CoCo the Indulgence

CoCo the Indulgence

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The contractor is an independent social escort/courtesan/companion and does not provide sexual services. As an independent, her website was created for promotion and marketing purposely only. Her services include; social companionship and coaching, formal events and dinner date that are deemed legal under U.S. Federal law.

If you do not feel safe or comfortable to make a booking, please do not contact.


And by entering in this site, you agree that you are older than 21 years old and it’s legal to view an adult website. You agree that you are not part of any law enforcement and you will not take the information, confidentiality and other personal details of the contractor against her.

The contractor understands her legal rights fully.



The contractor is allowed to cancel booking if she becomes uncomfortable. She is also allowed to cancel or change the booking at any time if she doesn’t feel safe with meeting the client, or when the location is unsafe, or when she thinks the confidentiality, safety, or integrity of her cannot be guaranteed. But also when the client does not follow the agreed upon terms fully or in time, or when there is good reason to believe that the client will not follow the agreed upon terms.

In case of a change or cancellation of the booking by you, your 50% deposit will not be refundable to cover for the inconvenience of the contractor.


All rates stated in this website are fixed and non-negotiable. All fees for the contractor’s services are for social and therapeutic services only. It is understood that is not used for commercial sex.

The costs of the booking (after deposit) need to be completed in cash at the beginning of the date with the contractor. The minimum duration of a booking is 1 hour. In case of shortened time there is no right to restitution.



Payment are made via PAYPAL/CREDIT CARD

Once you have been verified as safe and an appointment time has been confirmed. There is a deposit of $50-$100, depending on duration, as final confirmation and acknowledgement of appointment.

If for any reason you need to cancel/reschedule

  • Cancellations made 12 hours prior to appointment; deposit is held up to two (2) weeks to next appointment; after two weeks if not rescheduled, you forfeit deposit

  • All last minute cancellation (less than 12 hours) forfeit full deposit.

You are able to pay in full via PayPal/Credit Card.


The contractor strives to give her best possible experience on the booking. However, if the client did not meet his expectations, satisfaction or any desire for the booking is beyond the control of the contractor. She does not give any guarantees.



You shall treat the contractor with respect at all times and shall not force her to commit acts against her will, acts which are in contradiction with these terms and conditions, or acts which are against the law. In case of theses offences she will hold the right to inform the police or any law enforcement. The contractor cares about her health and safety.



When you contact the contractor, you will not discuss any sexual related issues on email, telephone or SMS. All unwanted requests will not be entertained.

When you contact the contractor, you agree that she will send you a message to your given email address and mobile number.

You accept that she cannot guarantee that the communication will be timely. You are responsible to provide the contractor the appropriate time to communicate with you. You accept the risk that someone else might overhear or read of parts of the communication between you and the contractor which is beyond her control.


Any information provided by you to the contractor, especially personal details, photographs and other contact information will be strictly confidential. They will not be used for any other purposes than arranging the booking. You are not allowed to share or give her information to any third party without her permission. You are not allowed to share her photos and information on social media, internet and other electronic devices or communication.



The booking will be governed by the U.S. law, and all contractual or non-contractual obligations and claims arising from the Booking or related to the booking will be governed by the U.S. law